Walking Weekends

“Knighton Walking Weekends “

September 12th & 13th

Walking Weekends on the Powys, Shropshire borders

Enjoy the delights of our spectacular Welsh Border. We have walks designed for the young and those a little older.

Joinour active and friendly local ramblers group as they show you their favourite walks.

See the wonderful architecture, which includes castle sites; ancient welsh churches and black and white buildings.

Explore the truly wild and peaceful Powys countryside with its delightful array of flora and fauna and learn about nature on our Wildlife walks.

Dip in to a bit of history about the Marcher Lords grisly welsh-border disputes as you walk over castle ruins; or follow the route of Owain Glyndwr’s army across the rugged heath land.

Discover the local area, take our old market town trail and find unique shops, cafes, ancient buildings and narrow alleyways where ghosts may be explained away…

Listen to sound of bird song and sheep bleating in the distance

There will be something here for all abilities and interests, as well as a very Warm Welsh Welcome

Walking weekends around Knighton

The heart of Offa’s Dyke country

Join us to explore this old market town on the Welsh border, and its surroundings – including King Offa’s ancient earthwork

Remember to take a packed lunch and enough water for the day, and appropriate clothing for the weather and the hills!

Guided Walks – Saturday 12th September

Glyndwr’s Way Walk (1)-Llangunllo to Knighton
16km with 300m ascent
The Glyndwr Walk starts with an amazing 15 minute train journey across the Heyope valley on the famous 13 arch castellated viaduct at Knucklas. This part of the Heart of Wales railway climbs one of the steepest inclines on the National train system, then into a tunnel. The little train emerges into the light just before Llangunllo where our walk begins, pausing later for refreshment at the old Greyhound Pub then following Glyndwr’s Way back to Knighton. Bring £2.70 for your train ticket and a packed lunch.
Meet at Knighton Station 09.40 to catch the 09.52 train,

Sue’s Walk and Sing
Are you full of song? Our Sue Harris is and she is leading the first ever Knighton Singing Walk. Sue, who shares her World songs throughout the borders area year round, has designed a walk for those who love to burst into song at any opportunity. Come and walk, sing, laugh and dance with us as we fill the countryside with music.
Meet at 09.45 at Offa’s Dyke Centre

Walker’s Walk (with East Radnorshire Ramblers)
10km, 150m ascent
We are teaming up with the East Radnorshire Ramblers again this year to present the popular ‘Walker’s Walk” led by Kevin Jones. This walk is for those who enjoy the terrain, love the views, warm to the fresh air and feel best when they are seriously crossing country. So don’t expect too many breaks – just enjoy ‘being there’ and knowing you have ‘done it’!
Meet at 09.45 at Offa’s Dyke Centre.

“History of Public Houses in Knighton” Walk.
Every walker in the world looks for a ‘watering hole’ and local expert Martin has been researching as many of them as still exist, around the centre of Knighton. So come and join this part history, part experiential walk with tasters that will whet the whistle, exercise the leg muscles and relieve the dry throat even on the harshest sun blistering day. We’ll arrange the stops – you bring your sunny nature.
Meet at 09.45 at Offa’s Dyke Centre,
approx. 1.5 hours. Some small samples may be had at some of the open hostelries for a small additional walk fee for those who wish.

Guided Walks – Sunday 13th September
Walking Weekends, Knighton in Powys

Glyndwr’s Way Walk (2) –Knighton-Pilleth-Knighton
17km with 300m ascent This is a circular walk to the battlefield site at Pilleth, one of the most savage and bloodiest battles of the Welsh war of Independence, and Owen Glyndwr’s finest hour. Visit the ancient church and holy well of Pilleth where the battle strategy is still on display and where Nature has reclaimed the peace and beauty of that bloody episode in Marches history.
Meet at 09.45 at Offa’s Dyke Centre
(Both walks are in celebration of 600th anniversary of Glyndwr’s presumed death. Owen Glyndwr’s day is celebrated on September 16th – see nationaltrail.co.uk)

Nature’s Wildlife Walk
In this gentle, quiet and less populated region of Powys, wildlife abounds. This walk studies the wonders to be seen around the Knighton area. Trust. As there is so much to see, this walk is not for the hard paced fast trekker.Your senses will delight in the local flora and fauna brought to life by the unfathomable understanding of Dr Joan Payne from the Radnorshire Wildlife
Meet at 09.45 at Offa’s Dyke Centre

Alice’s Family Walk
It’s great to follow Alice and there’s always the chance of seeing a busy (and late) rabbit, a caterpillar, a hare and a maybe dormouse. These are truly warming short walks with pauses for stories; a full family experience so bring your tea party picnic, and your imagination. (The route is not buggy friendly in some places so baby slings or backpacks advised)
Meet 14.00 at Offa’s Dyke Centre

A Closer look at Old Knighton
A walk with a gentle lover of local history who revels in the variety of architectural form found in this area. The borderlands are rich in tales and speckled with fascinating features so join John Davis on a walk peppered with moments to stop and marvel at the unfolding stories of the area’s built history
Meet 10am at Offa’s Dyke Centre

All walks £3pp.

Please book at The Offa’s Dyke Centre and Knighton Tourist Information Centre
Telephone: +44 (0)1547 – 528753
E-Mail : oda@offasdyke.org.uk

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